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Not a subscriber yet ?

I have such a decoder, is that your servers are compatible with?
Yes, our servers have a CCcam system, which is compatible for all brand cardsharing receivers and without exception.
•  Is what you are installing remotely?
Yes, we can guide you or you install the subscription distance « team viewer » or other … especially if you have a dreambox or a Vu +, have the most reliable and easy to use ..
•  I look like a bunch, you have all the HD and non HD channels?
“ Cccam Live “ have all  wholes the bouquet usable cardsharing in Europe, without exception, if a channel or bouquet will work in cardsharing, you probably find it here.

  •  I already have a decoder that contains a subscription that comes from another operator?
No problem, you can delete the old account, and put the new CCcam Live, or you do it yourself, or we will do it for you remotely.
•  Is it possible to take a test period?
Yes, CCcam Live offers tries or test periods, our servers are already tested by tens of thousands of subscribers, and more, the assistance / monitoring device 24 7.
• At what speed internet, I can join?
Our servers use a special lightweight technology, so they require a very powerful internet speed just 0.5 mega will work well, and even using 3G +
•  Your subscription is for a single decoder, I can not share it?
Yes exactly, a subscription is only dedicated to a single decoder, when sharing our system will automatically delete.
•  Is that I can just take a bunch or two of what you offer?
No, this is not possible, we propose a single subscription account which includes these wholes and pack these channels at once.
•  Is it possible to receive a discount?
Our prices are fixed, it offers discounts just for our old customers, or our dealers, or if you take more account of both.
•  I have my internet router in the other room, how connected the Ethernet via my dreambox?
You can simply use a CPL, which distributes the internet connection throughout the power supply to your home, look at CPL internet for more information.
•  How much do I have to wait after making a payment?
Normally immediately after payment you will have your server account, if you pay by bank transfer, its going to take 7-9 days, if you pay by Western Union or equivalent, its going to take 2-3 hours, and if you pay by Paypal, its going to take a few minutes ..


Already subscribed ?

- I just subscribe, I installed the server and nothing works!
Before installing our credit files, you must have CCcam script installed and running on your decoder is required.
What is a script CCcam?
This is in the form of a small software that installs on Linux and decoder that helps decipher the given server installed on your machine, ask privately or on our forum, how to install it, it is very simple.
Which version should I use CCcam?
We suggest you use version 2.2.1 or 2.1.4 or 2.0.1, and do not use version 2.3.0 unless you are sure and certain that it is original, but better not  to.
- I installed my subscription, but no frezz stop every 5-6 second?!
Then surely your decoder share the same local IP device or another PC connected via your network, and each time one of them takes its share of connection through the router, so we advise you to change the IP address decoder ( by remote control), or enable DHCP and restart, and preferably also a small router reboot.
–  It is possible to move my cable box when I’m traveling?
Yes, no problem if you move a decoder, just do not use the account for two different locations simultaneously so ..
- I meet alot of cuts on some channels of the same bouquets?
For example, if you have cuts on Canal + sport and not on canal + cinema that works well, then it comes from your decoder because the two chains are part of the same package, and the same cards are used, or both work well either Conversely, you must set your assiete sateillite signal and make  auto scan chainnel  at the end to update the PID renew and SIDS.
I have an internet speed of 60 mega, and I still cuts?
This is not the download speed that matters is the upload speed (the transfer given) because the decoder does not download, but rather sending requests to our server, to know your speed ‘upload, test on ( .
-My servers are connected with 0 cards, nothing works?
If your CCcam info, you notice your connected green card with 0 connected servers, so be sure your subscription is well connected from another device in a simultaneous way, you must request a change of password as soon as possible.

- I have problems on my decoder, can I contact you?
Yes of course, but before contacting us, please specify the kind of problem you have, or decoder connected to the server, and if you have, for example, cuts, or specify the chains or the bouquet, because Cccam Live offers thousands, if not you will not answer ..

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